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Winter returns to Riga!

Winter decided to return to Rīga! And thus, winter vol.2! Check out our gallery as we we’re first hand enjoying the snow in the Old Town!

American show’s understanding of Latvia

We recently stumbled upon a show that is representing Latvia/Latvians in a really interesting way! Can you laugh along with the light hearted show?

What Type of Traveler Are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of a traveller are you? Find out here and now!

New Year in Rīga – pt 3

We’ve gathered some places from Facebook for you to choose from where to await the New Year of 2016! Come and take a look! Some places are entrance free, some are not – all in the Old Town of Riga!

Where to celebrate New Year in Riga – Pt 2!

Are you planning to watch the fireworks from somewhere in Old Town and you’d like to do something afterwards? Well, then this article is meant right for you!

New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner with Dagamba

Looking for an amazing way to celebrate the arrival of the new year? Do it with style! Join the celebration at Amber restaurant in Hotel Kempinski Riga!

Where to Celebrate New Year in Riga – 2018. Part 1

New year is drawing closer and closer! With the first part of this article we hope to help you to make up your mind a bit, where and how to celebrate the upcoming New years arrival!

The Ghost Town of Kaunas – Long exposure way to the Christmas tree

Have you ever imagined how Kaunas would look like as a ghost town? I managed to imagine and kinda even see that! All it takes, to really see a view like that… is a camera and a long exposure shot!

Introducing: Places In Colours Shop

We’re glad to announce we’ve launched our shop for you! Get things while they’re hot and on sale!

Poll: Pictures to print?

We’re trying to decide which pictures to print out on Canvas and sell! Help us with your opinion!
Check our instagrams and contact us in case you want to purchase a print out cheaper and before we release the prints for sale!