Unique environment and lights!

We mentioned some must-be places before, but we tried to avoid the places with entry fees… until now! This is one of those that you don’t want to miss! New year is always a start for something new! New goals, new ‘me’, etc! But why not end  the old year and start the new one with something unique?

This year Resto-Rators is offering you a chance to join them on an unique event(Check their event for more info in Latvian and Russian!)! This is the best way how to start the new year, a story and an adventure you will be able to tell all your friends for years to come! Watch how the Gastronomy pavilion of Riga Central market has been turned into a theatre! They’ve fulfilled their creative fantasies and now they will fulfil your perfect New Years eve’s fantasy! What to await there? Light-shows, interactive tables, lotteries, stand-up comedy and illusions, themed bar, a lot of great performers and live music!
What would we love to highlight the most in this event?

Table Mapping

All the tables have a special construction installed above them with a mechanism projecting a certain 3D animation onto the surface of the table. During the evening guests will witness a video show (developed by professionals specifically for this event) related to the scenario of the event and serving of dishes.


Gastronomy pavilion of Riga Central market is a building with historic value and a great potential for creative fantasies to become real. It is situated in a five minute walk from the Old town and the Daugava embankment, where fireworks can be viewed from.

How much and what does the price include?

Adults: 190 euros, Kids (5-10 years): 50 Euros.
For this price you get 7 course gourmet menu, Two welcome drinks, water, access to the pay bar which has quite friendly prices, full entertainment program!
The price covers – Pavilion rental fee, event planning expenses, technical event support, personel and hundreds more details, which involve a participation of more than 200 people for you to feel the real holiday spirit.

Is it worth it?

We say yes! We recommend you don’t miss out on a chance like this! The venue itself is unique on regular days and having an event like this inside there is just something and you shouldn’t wait on anything less than amazing!
In our opinion, the feast and the program for that price is nothing more than a really great deal for the New Years eve’s celebration!

Follow their event for more info in Latvian And Russian!


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