Cat Cafe in Vilnius

Are you visiting Vilnius? Have you had a stressful week? Want to calm yourself down? You love animals? A cat lover?? We have just the place to recommend to you!

Cat Caffee

Cat cafe in Vilnius is a cafe where you’ll find a great menu, great prices and lot of nice, cute and fuzzy cats, that you’ll be able to pet or play around with! The cafe now has become home for cats from different animal shelters. In their website you’ll also find, that each cat has a name and a story!

cat cafe 2

The cafe was opened in 2014. In 2015 Cat Cafe received the title “The most hospitable cafe” in Vilnius, in 2016 the cafe got into the world TOP25 cafe with cats, in 2017 the cafe received the Quality Certificate Tripadvisor and got into the European TOP10 cafe with cats. And now it’s a home for 15 cats!

You get to play around and pet the cats, but when entering be ready to put on special blue bags on your shoes so you wouldn’t bring in any unnecessary dirt! Also, be ready to wash your hands! These are just some of the rules you have to follow – check the rest out too! Easy to follow!

What surprised us the most were the friendly, even low prices! We decided to visit this cafe just once to see how it is. But seeing how cheap it is and what high quality food you get for your money -we came to visit the next day too!
The minimum price a person has to spend in the cafe is 2.99 euros. In 2 days, 2 people, for 2 coffees and 2 meals each – we spent less than 10 euros per person! The coffee tasted great and had a sugar covered cookie served with it! And the food was amazing (Personally ordered two waffles with nuts and syrup)! In fact, we felt like we didn’t pay enough, so we even left a generous tip!

It’s hard to describe it, but you have to be there by yourself! Conclusion: great prices, even better food, the best atmosphere and cats – lots of cute cats!
We highly recommend you to go there on your next visit to Vilnius!
(Book it in advance from their website to guarantee a spot and to get a discount!)

Address: Vilnius, Jasinskio g. 1
Working hours: Monday – Saturday 12:00-22:00, Sunday 12:00-19:00




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