Only baltic countries can relate

We’ve been travelling through the world and through Baltics quite a lot, and we’ve managed to notice some of these interesting and maybe even annoying things that we’ve gathered in this list! Enjoy!

Where in Russia is that?

When going anywhere abroad and trying to explain to someone who’s not from the Baltics of where you come from, you might most usually hear the phrase ”Where in Russia is that?” And after that you get to spend some time explaining….

Lithuania? Yes, I’ve been to Riga!

Once you get to the understanding of which country you actually are from, there’s a good chance you’ll get to hear the wrong city and so you’ll get to spend some more time explaining where are you from and correcting them on their Baltic country and capital knowledge!


You know where it is??

Sometimes you’ll find someone who does know where it is and will get the cities right, and you will be super excited about that! New best friend for your abroad trip?

Everyone must speak Russian!

Now that you get the location off the table of discussions, the next thing you might hear is the stereotype or the language itself… because invaded once by Russia – everyone speaks Russian, correct?

Same goes to when you try to speak Lithuanian/Latvian/Estonian. To a person who doesn’t actually know Russian – it might sound Russian… and you might hear the question – ”that’s Russian, right?”

Potatoes is life ❤

Another stereotype that you’ll hear around is that potatoes are everything to us. We eat potatoes, sleep with potatoes, worship potatoes. How right is that? As far as I know all the Baltic countries point at each other of loving potatoes, but never actually admit that they are the ones to whom this point applies. Do you love potatoes?

Great beer!

Gotta mention also the good stuff! All Baltic countries have great beers!

Unique products!

Each of the Baltic country has great, unique beers, chocolates and other products! So unique, that if you go to another Baltic country…. you’ll find the same thing with a different company name, and in a different language! The font and the label, however, stays the same O_o

Alcohol way of Europe

As everything has eco-system, so does the northern region of Europe. Beer is cheapest in Latvia, and what the map is missing is that most likely Lithuanians will also go to Latvia due to some changes in their alcohol laws and taxes!

 No Gas water

 If you want to drink some water and you’re buying mineral one, you have to be sure to mention that you want it without gas! Only makes sense here, am I right?


Everyone you know speaks at least 2-3 languages, however, it’s not that rare to find people in Baltics who speak in even more languages!

Agree with our list? Share it with your friends! We missed something or got something wrong? Write in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Only baltic countries can relate

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  1. I woulf not say..where in Russia….? I would say where in Argentina?..anyway ive meet lot of people in Riga who are russian speakers..and had no problem with the language thank god…english and russian are really common languages in Latvia…beatifull and peacefull place to visit..maybe live..i really loved Riga.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough – that’s what people who ARE NOT from the Baltic States THINK. As far as how it actually is, about less than half of the people in the Baltic states actually speak russian 🙂


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