Vote for Riga!

Have you left your vote? Share this article on twitter, Facebook and on other places! Spread the word, help Riga win!
Riga is nominated for the title of ”European best destination 2018“, and if you believe Riga is THE BEST destination – then vote for it!
You can vote with one vote per IP address / week till the 8th of February!
In total there are 20 countries nominated for this title with some of them being already the popular ones like Berlin, Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and others!
If you love Riga -help Riga get some more recognition – help it win the title!!! ❤


The 2018 best European Destination will be authorized to use the title and affix the “European Best Destination” logo on all its communications, adverts, website and photos; it will also have the right to authorize its own public and private partners to use the logo.

The other selected destinations can also use the logo by indicating that they have been chosen as one of the best destinations in Europe; we will share their news, photos and videos throughout the year via our website to + 4,2 millions travellers and via our major social networks (+90,000 followers).

Use of logo European Best Destinations

Porto, Zadar and Bordeaux (European Best Destination 2017/2016/2015 winners) and have integrated the logo into their website, videos, paper communications (city maps, brochures, flags…) and communicated it to tourism professionals (hotels, airport, airlines) who all proudly feature the logo on their websites.

About European Best Destinations

European Best Destinations is a European organization based in Brussels and developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe. In partnership with the participating tourism offices and the EDEN Network we promote a better understanding of the wealth, diversity and quality of European destinations.

Speaking to an audience of e-citizens, European Best Destinations plays an important role in promoting Europe as the number one destination in the world. It has become the meeting place for tourism offices and world travellers, a main gateway to the discovery of Europe.

Since 2009 EBD has been working with major tourism offices in Europe to reward and highlight the most visited destinations via its website and social networks (+4,2 million visitors and thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest and 60,000,000 euros of media coverage).

We are proud to announce that we have all the main European Tourism offices on board and our footprint covers over 260 European Destinations: from Aachen to Zagreb!

Worldwide travellers have access to the best photographs, videos, best tours and activities, travel guides, top things to do and the main social networks for over 260 destinations.


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