Projects in Riga

Riga is a city that has been through a lot of changes. So it’s no surprise that there are and were a lot of interesting projects that differ from the results that we have today! In this article we invite you to take look at the past, proposed future and the mix of both!
Credit goes to facebook page and delfi for initially collecting these projects in one spot! Cheers!


Proposed Aerial Tramway, which was supposed to bridge Daugava River. The link would have connected the President Castle to Pardaugava area.12115786_10153655665036399_9051060132680538901_n.jpg


Declined proposal of the development of the Central Railway Station (late 1990s)12241561_10153655633156399_4982357228555470163_n.jpg


Old Riga could have been landscaped with this tower. It could have looked even more like Stockholm City Centre if the 1930s project of the Town Hall would have been completed. The project started in 1938, but never finished due WW2.12219482_10153655632646399_7374266283891529307_n.jpg


The Tower would have been connected to a new Town Hall with a massive arch, which resembles the arch of the General Staff Building in Saint-Petersburg 12250126_10153655632601399_4481943193309100777_n.jpg


Panoramic view of Riga Old Town with Town Hall Tower in the middle10702220_10153655632721399_1584213763426768671_n.jpg


The proposed project of The Latvian Postal Savings Bank (Latvijas Krājbanka) in the foreground of the 13th January street (1930s)12208585_10153655632776399_7262470344198235128_n.jpg


Planned park in Pardaugava area before the Park of Victory was built here12208480_10153655632606399_4430607562346032415_n.jpg


Close view of a temple, which would have been located in the same place where the Monument of Victory is now. 12226955_10153655632616399_3765308093416422429_n.jpg


Declined version of the Liberty Monument.12243277_10153655632691399_5958969608180454721_n.jpg


New projects were planned to be built on freed up space where the Dome Sqaure is now.
The WW2 saved the new square from development.12191650_10153655632696399_1615138603106081973_n.jpg


Planned development of Riga Central Railway Station (1930s)1604858_10153655632781399_8596083904349305797_n.jpg


Soviet plans to build Twin Skyscrapers for TV Center. Only one building was built (the right one)12219498_10153655632791399_5491643604020576858_n.jpg


The Krasta Street Complex was supposed to look like the New Arbat street in Moscow (1970s) 11058149_10153655632881399_8347283936220709410_n.jpg


Declined version of the monument to Latvian Riflemen (Soviet Times)12108239_10153655632891399_5140113796795501704_n.jpg


Futuristic Plan of the Latvian National Library in 1989 by Soviet Architects. Please note that the Jugenstil building was planned to emerge into a new building. 12108258_10153655632976399_3547775119414733782_n.jpg


Declined version of the Cable Stayed Bridge. (Vanšu tilts)12243016_10153655633031399_4309767180636654692_n.jpg


Declined version of Swedbank building AKA Saules Akmens (1990s) 11168399_10153655633131399_4197606602167740942_n.jpg


Planned part of Ķipsala behind Swedbank’s building.daugava-47043353.jpg


Plan of the expansion of Riga City centre.riga-masterplan-s300410-1-47043291.jpg


One of many ways how Zaķusala could have turned out.project-kipsala2-big-47043271.jpg1236261_10151893918901399_169634143_n.jpg


DaVinci – an office building on the left side of Daugava river keeps on rising as well554104_10151891882441399_1469034143_n.jpg


Z-Towers – Twin Towers alternative look, occupied by Sheraton Hotel and A-class office premises. The completion date was set 2014. The current towers ended up being quite different from the planned one.1235463_10151891882426399_507435658_n.jpg


Pardaugava – a complex image of Kliversala, Kipsala and Agenskalns by 2020. 1240471_10151891882341399_1451954631_n.jpg


The most realistic project of Northern Corridor – a massive bridge, which will allow the large ships and ferries to pass under739941_10151894078951399_441979017_o.jpg


Another visualisation of Northern Bridge. The construction works should have started sometime in 2015-2018. Where’s the project now?1269839_10151894078851399_241316475_o.jpg

Plan of the Northern bridge. 1265882_233971833427416_201838721_o.jpg

Akropole, one of the two planned massive shopping and entertainment centres in Riga. This one in Kengarags was set to be built by 2015, however in the works only since late 2017. The other one has been speculated to be on the abandoned ground over Ķīpsala.1237982_10151891881941399_1508442061_n.jpg

Riga Airport – the huge reconstruction of the main aviation hub in the Baltic states is postponed every year. But the capacity of Airport was reached and the airport ended up with different upgrades.1234166_10151891881916399_975906042_n.jpg

Panorama Plaza, the premium class apartments for business people. First two towers are already finished, construction of the third tower is on hold, but the fourth one has not been started yet. And so already for many years. You can see them while coming from the Airport.970473_10151891882176399_382913425_n.jpg

Solaris, a family type apartment bulding in the heart of Imanta neighbourhood. 2/3 towers were built in 2006 and became very successful real estate project in Latvia, but the construction of the third tower has not begun, although the land for the building site is reserved.603888_10151891882331399_1080281799_n.jpg


Plan of metro in Riga that was cancelled in the late 90’s by the local government in the fears of not being able to maintain such a project!484122_10151131499751399_967064173_n.jpg

What’s your opinion about this? Is the current version better or the proposed ones?

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