Park Inn Valdemāra

If you’re planning your next visit to Riga or just want to spend the night somewhere with your spouse feeling stress free and luxurious, then Park Inn by Radisson Hotel on Valdemāra street is the place for you!

Recently we spent a wonderful night in Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara. It’s located over the Vanšu bridge, and it’s really easy to reach as coming from centre or the airport, as there are multiple public transportation stops next to the Hotel.

1parkinn (1 of 6)

Nearby the hotel in a 5 minute walking distance in one direction, there’s a shopping mall that might not cover your needs for purchasing new clothing, but it will, however, satisfy your appetite as it has various food courts.

17438405_1260837410674710_4281089805695057920_nBorrowed from IG:@Kaaarleeens

In the other direction in a 7 minute walking distance there’s a rising culture neighbourhood – Kalnciema Quarter. A quarter where multiple events are being held through the summer that might catch the interest of anyone passing by. Starting from concerts and art galleries, up to food festivals. But you shouldn’t worry about food, and a bit later I’ll tell you why…

As arriving to the hotel the first thing that catches the eye is the unique design – warm, modern and attractive. You don’t have that feeling that you’ve arrived at a hotel, you feel like you’ve just came home! We were greeted by a receptionist who had a very warm smile. We had a great first impression as she was very friendly and kind, made us feel really welcome! Despite the lobby being very nice, we were very eager to go to our room!

Afer we got our key, we were on our way to the top! Top floor, that is. Room on the top floor, on the corner with a balcony and a view! We knew instantly – we won’t keep the blinds closed.1parkinn (3 of 6)

But that of course isn’t all of it. The room itself was just amazing. It was stylish, colourful and modern. Every detail in the room fit in perfectly – it was noticeable that the rooms interior was designed and combined by a professional! The room had a comfortable big bed, a couch, bit TV and a lot of space. But the best part of the room was the thing that really set in the mood. The bed was equipped with an interior light, that was able to switch to any of the possible multiple colours.

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After watching a movie and relaxing for a while we decided to go downstairs for a little snack. The Italian restaurant ”Bocca Buona” in the first floor of the hotel is just as interesting place as the whole hotel itself.

1parkinn (2 of 6)

The interior and design make you once more feel like home, while at the same time makes you admire the uniqueness of the place. But looks of the place is one thing..

Getting the menu and making our order we must say – the prices were nothing special but the food… The food was amazing! Decided to try spaghetti with oysters, beef and homemade ice cream as a 3 coarse meal. Barely finished it all and was top of my head satisfied.


In our opinion, it seems to be the best price/value hotel in the city and we will be visiting, if not itself then at least the restaurant, many times more ❤

Book it here:


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