Leisure Activities in Riga

When visiting Riga – don’t forget that there are a lot of things you and your friends can do here, other than enjoying Riga’s night life or sightseeing!

Virtual Reality


Portāls is the biggest virtual reality (“VR”) arcade in Latvia, located in the heart of Riga – on Tērbatas Street 55. At Portāls you can step into VR 7 days a week – game, discover, draw and model in 3D. We are the “internet cafe” for VR.

Each station or “portal”​ is equipped with a VR headset, controllers, earphones, super powerful computer and a 4K TV, where your friends can follow your VR adventures. We charge for time so you and your friends can take turns using the equipment.

Portāls’​ library can offer virtual reality adventures for the adrenaline lovers, tech geeks, creative types, nature kids and little ones. And, yes, we also offer VR games in “multiplayer”! Our library of VR experiences is continuously updated. To find out more call +37129116762.

Drifta Halle


Take your friends and go visit the Drift hall! Dash around with fun electrical bikes! Their ”about us” describes everything better than we could!

The right place for positive emotions, even after a stressful working day. You do not need any preparation to visit the hall – only the desire for a ride less traditional than the car or go-karts.

”Wolftrike” drift trikes are equipped with an electric engine, capable of reaching the maximum power of up to 1000 W, and the speed of 50 km/h. They are made right here in Liepāja, Latvia. The trikes have been securely tested, ensuring their improved control in drift mode. At the moment, 12 trikes are available in our hall.
Check them out here

Skypark Latvia


Skypark Latvia is a great place in Riga to visit if you like to jump and feel like doing a great cardio!
Trampolines everywhere is a childhood dream of almost everyone – visiting this place, it’s exactly what you get! Polls filled with soft cubes where you can dive in, high ground locations to jump on. Highly suggested!



In 2 locations – a chance for you to shoot your family, your friends, your colleagues!
Get a laser vest and a laser gun – run around in an epic labyrinth environment!
Located in Pepsi Bowling Centre and on Kalnciema Street.

Bowling Pepsi Centre


22 lanes, four squash courts, one tennis court, 11 pool tables, indoor mini-football, arcade games, laser tag and a bar/restaurant. Different price ranges for different days. Also, if you’re a student- you’ll get special deals for most of the times!
Check out more here!

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