Iconic picture places in Riga

You know how when visiting a city you try to go to all the must see places and take the best pictures there? And a few weeks later you scroll through your Instagram and you notice that a friend of yours visited that city and took a great picture of a place you didn’t know was worth visiting or of a place that was just next to a place where you were? Yeah, we’ve all been there…
Can’t cover the whole world. however, we can make sure you know about all the must-pose-and-snap-a-pic-here places in Riga via this article! More precisely – the top 10 places in Old Town of Riga.
So buckle up, because here we go!

/All Pictures taken from Riga In My Colours Instagram, so check us out for more!

  1. Monument of Freedom


    Freedom monument. It was sponsored and built with private donations of Latvian people! The sculptures and bas-reliefs of the monument, arranged in thirteen groups, depict Latvian culture and history.
    It’s one of the symbols of Riga – so a picture in front of it is a must!

  2. Laima clock


    The Laima clock was completed in 1924 and is named after the Laima confectionery company advertisement it first carried in 1936. Its location between the Old Town and the Centre commercial district has made it a landmark of the city.
    You can combine this with the first point as the Laima clock is located next to the monument of freedom!

  3. Krāmu street

    Walking from one of the main streets of old town towards the dome square, you might end up on Krāmu street and it will most likely surprise you with a view similar to the one in this picture! Maybe not the top one in our list – but this is the most common and most iconic places in Riga in front of which to take a picture!

  4. Under the stars

    Backing up a bit from the previous point, on one side of Krāmu street you will find a little side street. At day it might like nothing special. But at night it will lit up and will let you see the wonderful stars!

  5. Dome Square

    Dome Square is the largest square in the Old Town. It is deemed to be the heart of the city as all activities meet here, flowing in from seven streets like seven arteries. The square has seen many events significant to Latvia in the past 20 years. The square has a marked point where you can stand and see all three golden cockerels on top of Old Town’s churches. The square itself is surrounded by buildings from the 19th and early 20th century!
    (via liveriga)

  6. Līvu Square

    Colourful houses, a place where it’s believed that Riga’s river used to flow by. Now it’s just a beautiful square with beautiful sights all around!

  7. Opera


    The Latvian National Opera, Riga, is the national opera of Latvia. The opera company includes the Latvian National Ballet, LNO Chorus, and LNO Orchestra
    At summer the front of the Opera is decorated with colourful flowers and other things that go great together with the great white house!

  8. House of the Blackheads


    House of the Blackheads is a building situated in the old town of Riga, Latvia. The original building was erected during the first third of the 14th century for the Brotherhood of Blackheads, a guild for unmarried German merchants in Riga.
    Nowadays it’s a very iconic picture spot and also one of the first things to pop out in google results while searching for Riga and/or Latvia!

  9. At the riverside


    No matter where or which side of River daugava you’ll be on – you’ll find a post to make a beautiful picture!

  10. Riga from above


    After browsing around Riga for a while – go take a drink and enjoy the view of Riga from above from the Radisson Blue hotels skyline bar!
    Be creative and snap some pictures from there aswell! 

Do you agree with our top? What places we forgot to add? What places we should add the next time? Share your thoughts with us!

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