Our Services

Photography on request

We offer fairly priced (in interesting and rare cases even for free!)

  • portrait and lifestyle photography of people
    Want a new profile picture? Lifestyle for magazines? Hit us up, maybe we can work something out :)!
  • Landscape, building, interior photography for real-estate, location & business promotion
    Want to have a nice picture of your business? Renting an open space, office or apartment? Maybe we can figure out a creative approach!
  • photography editing/retouching
    It’s included with all our photography related services, but it’s possible to be done separately on request, on pictures you’ve provided

Lightroom presets for sale




Social Media Management services

Already for a while we are registered tax payers and we’ve been doing social media management for companies that, sadly, we can’t mention due to contracts!
Personally we own multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts we’ve managed to grow very successfully, that lately have become just a side hobby and a playground for us to test some strategies to use on our clients social media to minimise ‘risk’!
Our prices depend on what you want from us and are made under a mutual agreement of what’s best for both sides :)!

Digital Marketing / SEO


Sponsored content/ad’s

From biggest Facebook pages being about Riga with 48k likes, and Instagram with 27k followers, having our blog that gets multiple visits from our Baltic, Nordic and, more specifically, Riga – we also provide sponsored content!
If a picture/post didn’t get to catch our eye by being tagged or by being sent in by email – you can try to motivate us!
Price of the sponsored post depends on where you want it to be posted (which page/account) and how easily it is integrated into that page!

Places In Colours – Business promotion

We’re ready to also present your business to our followers within our project “Places In Riga” for free, if you offer us a test of what you offer for free and for 2 people :)!
(Posibilities also involve giveaways)
More info contacting us, of course!


We’re ready to repost beautiful pictures of Riga!
As long as the requirements provided in the FEATURE tab are met 😉
NB – that doesn’t guarantee a 100% chance of getting featured! But tagging us in pictures is a 40% chance, while using feature requirements are a 75%  chance :)!

Print sales

We do prints! You want a print of a picture on our page? We will remove the watermark and print in high quality!
For an extra cost we can agree, that the print we’ve made for you is unique and that there won’t be any more copies!
Other than that – each print is sold no more than 10 times!
Price – depends! Hit us up for more info :)!

Postcard sales


We’re also open to a lot of other ideas and we can communicate in English and Latvian, offering services mainly in Latvia, but also in other Baltic states :)!

Contact us either via email info@placesincolours.com or via HERE


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