Park Inn by Radisson Residence Riga Barona

 If you’re on a business trip or just staying in Riga for more than a few days and you happen to be looking for a place to call home then look no further! Let us introduce you to a place just like that!

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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to enjoy Park Inn by Radisson Residence Riga Barona!
It’s a residence located on Barona street and Lāčplēša street, 10-15 minute walking distance depending on your speed from the Old Town or a 6 minute tram ride.  It offers short and long-term stay services, meaning it has standard hotel rooms and also apartments for people who stay in Riga for multiple days, weeks or months and want to feel like home, being able to cook their own food in their own kitchen and live with the highest comfort possible!

The first thing we noticed when we entered the residence was the interesting kiosk! Where for amazingly fair prices you are able to get everything you need – snacks, drinks or some ingredients to cook food on your own!

At the moment of arrival, we were greeted by a friendly staff member, of course, we didn’t expect anything less than that. We had a fast check-in, where we were given two key cards and all services were explained to us in a brief moment.
Wasting no more time we went to the elevator, being very excited to see our room! Another quick notice – the hallways had a really pleasant aroma!

Hoping off from the elevator on the last floor we faced the first door to open with the keycard to the corridor. Then we got to use the card again for our room.
First impression?
Did we become the presidential family? Big, modern, fancy apartment with big windows, filled with light! Amazing! Two rooms. Bedroom and then a room that’s a corridor, kitchen, eating and living area combined!

We started our stay by making coffee and enjoying the view from the terrace. Did I mention we had a terrace? Because we did. And it was amazing! We got to take a look at the streets from above that were crossing the residence. It was a very interesting view to see, something new and fresh! We returned to the terrace quite a lot. The view at night became even better.

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At the first moment we also missed the fact that we actually had a bathroom. Just as everything else in the hotel room – it was amazing. Big, bright and, most importantly, with a JACUZZI BATH, that, of course, we didn’t neglect and tried out. Life was complete at that moment.
After some time passed, we realised we’re a bit hungry, so not by going much into details, will just say that we quickly made some pasta in our own kitchen. All the required things, like a pan, cutlery and dishes were provided by the hotel, so all we needed to do was just to get our own ingredients for the food, which was an easy thing to do, since there’s a Rimi that’s working till 22:00 in a 2 minute walking distance (But if it’s too late for that, then the reception also had all the basic things needed!)

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But other than that, we spent most of our time there trying to decide where to better spend our time. Watching a movie on one of the big TV’s (yes, there were 2 big tv’s!) either in the living room with the big couch and the amazing view to the outside, or in the big bed in the bedroom, or by chilling on the terrace and enjoying the streets from above.
Least to say, the sleep in the big bed was just amazing and in the morning we really didn’t want to leave this amazing place.

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If you’re in a need for a place in Riga – we highly recommend you Park Inn by Radisson Residence Riga Barona! Not only you won’t regret your decision, but you will also feel like home!
Book your stay here! Or via link:


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