About Us

Photography, Baltics, Nordics & the World

 ‘Places in Colours’ is a blog realisation for originally an Instagram account ‘Riga In My Colours‘.

We created this blog after realising that the Instagram account does not provide the possibilities to share the information that we wish to share with our followers. This blog is meant for the same thing that the Instagram accounts were initially created – on sharing where to go, what to see, what to do, in form of reviews and pictures.

Riga in my colours‘ has been around already for more than 4 years – promoting the city of Riga. Sharing beautiful pictures, helping people with answering on various questions and advising on where to go and what to see! In the last year also developing spin-off accounts ‘Baltics in My Colours‘ (For the Baltic Region) and ‘Nordics In My Colours‘ (For the Nordic region). Establishing good relationships and partnerships with multiple local and international companies, to provide the best for our followers with companies that can be relied on and trusted!

We also have Facebook pages, check them out:
Riga In My Colours Facebook,
Baltics In My Colours Facebook,
Europe In Colours (Used for Nordics!) Facebook