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New Year’s Eve in Riga #3!

In our previous posts we went into details about some events, However, in this Article we will just simply list you some party place suggestions!

Riga From Above

We recently got some amazing pictures submitted to us by Maksim (Instagram: @stiros_ )
Before we feature one of his pictures on our Instagram, we decided to make this article featuring all his Pictures! Come and check them out!

What should you know about Riga?

Either an exchange student or a tourist – we bet you have a lot of things you’d like to find out before reaching your desired destination! Well, let us try to answer the most frequently asked question we know!

New Years eve in Riga #2

Our top pick on where to await the new year in Riga!

New Years eve in Riga

It’s not a secret that Riga in Latvia is one of the best cities to visit! So, might as well celebrate the New Years Eve there, correct? Correct! But where to go? What’s happening around the city? Could it be that everyone’s celebrating indoors with their families? Might be! However, just as popular it is…
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