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Do you want us to feature you on one of our Instagram accounts?

We usually pick the first picture that we like from the ”Tagged pictures of you” tab in Instagram. So if there have been a lot of people through the day tagging us in pictures after you tagged us – it might bring you down the queue outside of our sight quite a lot!
However, we are willing to feature and help you out if you help us out! We want to make our Instagram’s more interesting!

  1. Choose the picture you would like us to feature.
  2. Add the picture as an attachment to the email.
  3. Write something about the Picture! If it’s a place you visited or a street/monument/museum/anything, then write your experience there, why is the place interesting, fun facts about it, add some history, a bit from google a bit from yourself, etc! Check out our example on instagram!
  4. Write in the topic of the email – Feature: “Our Instagram that you would like to be featured in”, “Your Instagram”.
    Example: Feature: Riga In My Colours, @Example_Instagram
    Example 2: Feature: @RigaInMyColours, @ExampleInstagram
  5. Email us at info@placesincolours.com
  6. Wait an reply & get featured!

If we like your picture and it matches our profile, then we will feature you by tagging you in the picture and mentioning you in the comments of the picture! Best entries will also get a story shout-out, maybe even more than once!

NB: Sending us the picture with the text does not guarantee you will be featured, but it increases your chances by a lot! Also it gives you a chance to get a story shout out!


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