The Ghost Town of Kaunas – Long exposure way to the Christmas tree

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The Ghost Town of Kaunas – Long exposure way to the Christmas tree

Have you ever imagined how Kaunas would look like as a ghost town? I managed to imagine and kinda even see that! All it takes, to really see a view like that… is a camera and a long exposure shot!

It all starts a bit after you exit Laisvės aleja and enter the old town.. All you have to do is go down an up the tunnel! 

Another beautiful thing you’ll see before you’ll enter the tunnel will be this beautiful ‘forest’ decorated with Christmas lights!

But once you’ll get to the other side… that’s where it all starts!
As in all the beautiful Christmas decorations that are contributing quite a lot for the holiday spirit, despite the lack of snow!

The further you go, the more merry it gets!

And then… finally, there it is! Seemingly the centre of all Christmas magic! The Christmas tree, market and the #Kaunas sign!

With so many people, the only way to capture it from a distance was with the help of a reaaally long exposure shot!

the pretty near by houses tho!

When that’s all checked, time to move to the next beautiful part of the Old Town – the nicely decorated Kaunas Castle!

All in all, it was fun to finally go out and take some pictures! Can’t wait for the snow to arrive – will shoot some more pics, most likely even with my drone, which you might also get to see on my private insta – 

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