Happy Hours in Riga (coming back soon…)


We’re currently spending our time on renewing the happy hours! We hope to be back in a few weeks!



15 thoughts on “Happy Hours in Riga (coming back soon…)

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  1. Corrections:
    Greenwood – late HHs: 1-4day – 00-01.00, 5-6day – 01-02.00
    Cuba Cafe – HHours only on workingdays (1-5day)
    Follow The Rabbit – 4days 23:00-03:00 (50% off of everything!), other days – 20-22.00 & 01-02.00

    Monkeys Bar – Everyday 18-21.00 two for one
    Shot Cafe – all day on 7days
    Omas Briljants – 02-03.00; all day on 7days

    BBārs/Balzambārs – Everyday 16-19.00

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    1. Thank you!
      There’s also a bar called B-Bārs. Did by BBārs/Balzambārs you meant 2 different bārs with happy hours at the same time?


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