Introducing: Places In Colours Shop

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Introducing: Places In Colours Shop

After lengthy thought, inquiries to our readers and followers…. 
We’re glad to announce we’ve created our own online store! will give you a chance to buy our presets, prints and photography props to make your photos better! 

We’ve uploaded our Volume 1 presets there and they will be on sale for the first 2 weeks of the shop! Other great deals can be found on our site, and many more are yet to come!

Stay tuned, as currently there’s not a lot of prints available, but we’re working on adding more!
Be sure to check it out!

Notice: Site is safe and secure, using Paypal checkout to provide safe payments, and it is forwarding addresses in case of purchasing physical goods only to parties that ship out your goods to you.
We value your privacy and we have and will take all measures possible to protect your data!
Also – all the transactions and deals are legal, taxes are being paid according to laws, by the registered legal entity.

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