American show’s understanding of Latvia

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American show’s understanding of Latvia

If you don’t know what Brooklyn nine-nine is, then I highly suggest you check it out! It’s a pretty popular comedy show in America about a cop precinct and their day to day lives, staring some famous actors – it’s pretty hilarious!
While they are already airing season 6, we only now managed to catch up with seasonĀ 4 and this season is making the show a bit more relevant to us!
Latvia and Latvians have come up in the show already recently, but the seasons 4, episode 10 caught our eyes the most!
In case you don’t want to watch the show, here are some screenshots!

All this is following after a talk how Christmas was cancelled multiple years in a row in the boys orphanage in Latvia.

If you’ve watched the show and know the context of most of the characters, then you can’t really get too offended. The shows knowledge of Latvia is a bit out dated, but it does give for a nice laugh!

Classic joke!

And in case you want to hear their interesting attempt at speaking in Latvian:

What’s your opinion? Have you ever seen the show? Do you find this offensive or you’re able to laugh along with the light theme of the show?


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