New Years eve in Riga

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New Years eve in Riga

It’s not a secret that Riga in Latvia is one of the best cities to visit! So, might as well celebrate the New Years Eve there, correct? Correct!
But where to go? What’s happening around the city? Could it be that everyone’s celebrating indoors with their families?
Might be! However, just as popular it is to stay indoors and celebrate the new years eve with your family, it’s just as popular in Riga to go outside and do something! And for this reason there are multiple events across the city that you can join!
Part 1 – fancy, theme and outdoor events

New Year’s eve fireworks show


 If you plan to go to the Old Town or you happen to be there around midnight, then the riverside of Daugava (11 November embankment) is the place where you should be! It’s one of the places from where you’ll be able to see the firework show best!

  TIP – if you want to get the best place to view the fireworks from (Closest to the river itself) then plan to arrive and stand in the cold at least one hour before the fireworks, as a lot of people are expected so many people take spots beforehand!

Riverside of Daugava (11 November embankment)

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  The riverside itself will be filled with a lot of fun and festive things to do! A DJ will be entertaining the crowd many hours before and after the fireworks!
Tasty meals and warm drinks will be purchasable on the spot!

Radisson Blu – Skyline bar

rigaSkylineBy Instagram: @15simon

  At the 26th floor of the hotel it’s possible to see the fireworks with a view! But of course, rest assured that there will be more than just watching fireworks, as most likely the entrance will not be for free, however it will cover some activities and other things! We hope update this point once we find out more!

Old Town Christmas Market in Dome Square


  We’re not sure if they really will have a New years event, but they had last year and we believe they will also have it this year, since it was a huge success! So this is a long shot suggestion. But we will also update this once we know more!
Last year they had music, great atmosphere and a nice view of the fireworks over the church!
Located next to the Dome church – the Christmas market is one of the must visit places in Riga durning this season! It’s a heartwarming place with an unique atmosphere! Hand made food and merchandise (also gluhwein) sold on the spot! Use the things to warm yourself or as a Christmas gift to warm others!
This year next to the Christmas market there’s a glass radio studio that accepts requests and donations, that after that will go to make childhood better for kids who haven’t had it that easy in life!
The even will start at 20:00 and will go on till half 3! Live music and dj! Check out their event for more!

New Year Galas


  Multiple Galas will take place around the town! However, most of them are from the expensive type and some of them have been sold out already for some months!
It’s possible to join the Gala in the House of Blackheads for ”only” 150-190 euros.  However wine and luxury food is included in the price!
For the same price it’s possible to join Islande Hotel gala! Located over the Vansu Bridge in Kīpsala, the hotel offers a wonderful view of the city and of the fireworks!
Check out one of our suggested Galas! In the Gastronomical pavilion of Riga!

Other than that there are also a lot of other events that are more suited for the New Years eves after-party’s mood! For them – follow our social medias to find out when we publish that kind of a post! Soon!

Lots of Love – Riga In My Colours!


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