New Years eve in Riga #2

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New Years eve in Riga #2

Check out our previous post about other New Years eve’s events in Riga!

Fireworks are cool and all that, but what to do before and after them? Don’t want to spend much money on entrance or much money in general? Want to have some fun time with your friends, maybe dance a bit or even a lot? Well, fear no more, for we will provide you with our top 3 picks for your options on where to go!
Part 2 – Where to celebrate with a party!

Peldu street (Peldu iela)

Already for more than 10 years this street has had some famous bars on it. But the street slowly lost its popularity so much, that the previously famous “Pulkvedim neviens neraksta” club had to close down. But now for the last 2 years it has become an integral part of the old town night life! The usually dark street nowadays is back to its full glory. Lit in a really interesting way and filled with life!

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Pūce, Klubs Naktī.

The reason the street has had its second breath is because of this club! A famous and beloved place by locals and by international exchange students.
Weekly beer pong tournaments each Thursday with a grand prize in the end. Lots of interesting events, good music on two floors, a lot of place where to dance, full of people & with a big variety of drinks and friendly prices!
And they can’t miss this one out! Just as on every other special occasion – Pūce is the place to be!
Entrance fee will be 2 euros but in exchange for that you will get a coupon to change at a bar for a special new years shot!
*Also the wardrobe will cost 1 euro so people would leave their jackets only if it’s really required and so there won’t be big queues!*
Check out their event! And incase they will be too crowded – the street has multiple other bars near by you can attend!
Check out their Facebook Page for location and more info!

Kaļķu Vārti

KV 25-26.07-1

As said in their event – You, your friends, some awesome strangers, drinks and the feeling that everything is possible here and now, but tomorrow is light years away.
Come and pass your message further – because nightclub “Kaļķu Vārti” awaits you without an entrance fee! Let’s check out capacity of the club, just like in Project X.
“Kaļķu Vārti” is a great club next to one of the Christmas markets in Old Town. A lot of room, music that won’t fail to make you dance, great interior and atmosphere.
But that’s not all that will wait you there this New Years eve!  Lots of fun guaranteed!
Book tables beforehand by calling 29716875 or by writing to 😉
Check out their Facebook page for location and more info!

We’ve personally celebrated New year twice there – recommended by us!

Paldies Latiņam

Located next to the Saint Peter’s church in Old Town, in a basement, is another great club that many people don’t even know about! On another street that’s filled with interesting bars one next to another. A great place where to go in the summer – take a seat in one of  outside terraces and enjoy a performance of some live performer. But that’s not the case!
Paldies Latiņam price policy is based on the old currency. They have only 3 prices for everything – 1.42, 2.84, 4,68, making this place the cheapest in the list!
The club itself, however, is not that cheap of a quality! Good interior, music, staff. Having a lot of interactive games and game evenings/nights during the week.
In new year this club will provide a live program where you’ll be able to participate and receive gifts and surprises!
Book at table in advance: 29432930
Check out their Facebook page for location and more info!

Stay tunned for we might add more recommendations! Check out our webpage for other things :)!


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