New Year’s Eve in Riga #3!

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New Year’s Eve in Riga #3!

In our previous posts we went into details about some public outdoor events, about a gastronomical theatre and some club/bar facility events. Read about them here:
New Year’s eve in Riga, New Years eve in Riga #2, Gastronomical Theatre

However, in this Article we will just simply list you some party place suggestions/ideas, incase everything’s just too full and you’ve run out of ideas!

  1. Spot Cafe – Free entrance
  2. Cartel Bar Riga – Free entrance
  3. Cuba Cafe – Free entrance, welcome drinks
  4. Grēcinieku Ezītis Miglā – Free entrance
  5. Monkeys Bar – Free entrance, all drinks only 5 euros
  6. Impro theatre at Četri Balti Krekli – 2 Euro entrance fee for students, 5 euros for everyone else
  7. Omas Briljants – Entrance fee 20 euros
  8. Greenwood – Free entrance
  9. Follow the Rabbit – Entrance fee 3 euros


Enjoy and have a Happy new year <3 

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