Projects in Riga

Riga is a city that has been through a lot of changes. So it's no surprise that there are and were a lot of interesting projects that differ from the results that we have today!

Vote for Riga!

Share this with others to spread the word! Riga is nominated for the title of ''European best destination 2018", and if you believe Riga is THE BEST destination - then vote for it and help it win!

Cat Cafe in Vilnius

Are you visiting Vilnius? Have you had a stressful week? Want to calm yourself down? You love animals? A cat lover?? We have just the place to recommend to you!

Aurora Photography

Going to a very northern or a very southern land? Hoping to see one of the most beautiful things that you can see in the wild nature? What to expect? How to expect? What to know and what to keep in mind? We'll try to help you with this article! We've seen it just twice... Continue Reading →

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