Winter returns to Riga!

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Winter returns to Riga!

Just as we thought that the Spring is here – boom, winter vol.2!
Of course, winter hit also other cities and regions in Latvia other than Riga, but in this gallery, we will give you the possibility to see only our take on Riga. Pictures live from the night of 10th of March, 2019.

Raiņa Bulvāris.
It started to snow already around 18:00, but the snow melted fast, but around 21:00 the snow was here to stay!
Grand Kempinski Hotel and the park in front of the Opera
It was snowing quite intense for quite a while, but eventually the snow stopped for the night
Magical wonderland!

Are you excited for the return of winter? How long do you think it will last? Personally we’re looking forward to Spring and Summer, to see all the trees become green once more!


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