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After you pay with Paypal, we will contact you. We will connect the email that was used for the payment with the sent in filled contact form.

Sponsored Content

The paypal email you pay with must be the same as the email you’ll use in the contact form below. Default price is 20 euros for sponsored content. If you wan’t more than just a post then write to us in the contact form below.


As written above – the Email in the contact form must be the same as the PayPal email.
* Website/Instagram link field is the link to the instagram you want us to tag in the post.
* Comment field is where you write the text you want us to feature you with. Or any other comments you want to give.
* Picture you want us to use field is for you to provide us with a link on where to get the picture from.
* Feature you in..? field is for you to choose where you want us to feature you! For now, for the current payment you can get featured in either Riga in my colours Instagram, Baltics and Nordics in my colours (In both together, contact us for separate post and cost), in our blog (here) or in any of the facebook pages we have! Any specifics can be written in the comment section!
** We will contact you before we post the post, providing the preview of the post for your approval.
** We will let you know in 1 working day time that we have received the payment and the contact form.
** Unfit content requests will be refunded
** In case of disagreement of the content the payment will be refunded
** If you don’t have a picture we can provide one for extra cost.
** For more questions contact info@placesincolours.com


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