Park Inn by Radisson Residence Riga Barona

We had the luck to stay at one of the most comfortable places in Riga! It's least to say we felt as at home!


Park Inn Valdemāra

If you're planning your next visit to Riga or just want to spend the night somewhere with your spouse feeling stress free and luxurious, then Park Inn by Radisson Hotel on Valdemāra street is the place for you!

Projects in Riga

Riga is a city that has been through a lot of changes. So it's no surprise that there are and were a lot of interesting projects that differ from the results that we have today!

Vote for Riga!

Share this with others to spread the word! Riga is nominated for the title of ''European best destination 2018", and if you believe Riga is THE BEST destination - then vote for it and help it win!

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