Thank you!

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Thank you!

We’d like to thank all our followers that have been with us from the very start and the ones that have joined us quite recently!
Every like, every follower, every comment, every DM and email means a lot to us. We read all of them! Thank you!

We’ve grown quite a lot but we hope to grow more! This year we’ve established quite a few exciting partnerships and friendships. We made 3 new accounts as follow-ups to Riga In My ColoursBaltics In My Colours, Nordics In My Colours, and the newest, being a spin-off for this website and for all the travels and info outside of Riga/Baltics/Nordics region – Places In Colours! And they’ve managed to catch on quite fast!

But what’s next?

We hope to become more interactive and give back to the community!
That means, that in the upcoming year we hope to achieve:

Give more shout-outs to talented photographers that are our followers!

Have a Highlight section in our Instagram account – Photographers of the Month, where we would share once in every two or three months in our opinion some of the best photographers that are our followers, so they’d get more recognition!

Highlight and shout-out the best comments!

Time by time we see some good and meaningful comments that we would really like others to see! Like that the place in the picture is where someones relatives lived some years ago, but due to the world war were forced to move out, but when they came back after the war.. and so on. It gives some more meaning not just to the picture but to the place as well!

More giveaways!

This year we’ve had only 3 giveaways for Riga In My Colours, but in 2018 we would like to have more of them to give back our followers and the community! So we are actively looking for partners to deliver those great giveaways for you (If you want to cooperate, write to us!

GoPro giveaway!

Yes, we also plan to giveaway a goPro in mid summer to one of our lucky followers :)! (Let’s hope that works out!) How will the giveaway go? We will see!


In Autumn 2018 we hope to have a giveaway fully covered trip to one wonderful location of either Iceland, Norway, Saint Petersburg or Finnish Lapland for Winter season to two of our followers! Fingers crossed everything works out fine!

More interesting articles!

Info, tips and reviews about places in Riga, Baltic states, Nordic region and about everywhere else where we manage to go!

Special deals in Riga!

Through cooperation we hope to achieve that our followers get some special deals somewhere in Riga time by time!

A Youtube channel!

Pictures are nice and all, but some beautiful videos of Riga and other places wouldn’t hurt. Correct?

Latvian Blogger and Photographer community!

One of our main goals and hopes for 2018 is to try to unite photographers and bloggers into a community for support and tip sharing! Because so far it hasn’t been too easy to find a community, at least not in a way of a group or something like that, for Latvian bloggers and photographers!

What are your thoughts about this? What do you think we should try to accomplish in 2018, what do you think we should do and on what we could concentrate more?


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