What should you know about Riga?

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What should you know about Riga?

Either an exchange student or a tourist – we bet you have a lot of things you’d like to find out before reaching your desired destination! Well, let us try to answer the most frequently asked questions we know!

To The City Centre!

Either you just arrived at the city or you just got brought home with a taxi, we bet the first thing you’d like to know is – how to get to the city centre and where is it!
Well, it’s really easy! As the city centre we mostly associate two places and everything around them! First of them is the monument of freedom, which is next to the start of the Old Town of Riga. In Latvian it would be ”Brīvības Piemineklis”.
The other place is the central station next to the shop “Origo”. If you see a bus going to “Abrenes iela” or a bus going to “Centrālā Stacija”, then that’s the transportation you should take to get to the city centre!

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Central station of Riga.

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Public Transportation

Bus/Tram/Trolly tickets have to be registered every time you get on a transport.

Transportation tickets cost 2 euros if you buy them in the transport from the driver. But they cost 1.15 euros if you buy them before in a “Narvesens” Kiosk or a ticket vending machine. A ticket bought in “Narvesens” will be put on a yellow e-ticket and it will be valid for one hour after you validate it or till the end of the trip of a transportation line in case the trip takes more than one hour.

The first transport starts it’s work around 5:45 a.m and the last transport is around 00:00.

There are night transports on Fridays and Saturdays that start going from near the central station at 00:00 to the main neighbourhoods of Riga once per hour. They cost 2 euros, you can only get a ticket for them from the driver.

A fee for using the public transportation without a ticket is 20 euros if you pay it on spot and 50 euros if you pay it later.

Check out all the routes and timetables here – Rīga Transportation website


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Old town of Riga

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The Old Town of Riga is the centre of all Night Life activity!

The Old Town of Riga has security cameras everywhere.

Bars and Clubs usually have no entrance fees. If they have an entrance fee then it’s usually for a famous performer and it usually involves a welcome drink!

Beer in normal bars cost from 2 euros to 4 euros (0.5L)

Cocktail in normal bars cost from 3 to 6 euros.

It’s forbidden to carry around or drink open bottles of alcohol.

Shops are forbidden to sell alcohol in closed bottles from 22:00 to 8:00.”

A lot of bars offer happy hours and it’s a good way to save money- check them here!

Health and Security

The emergency number in Latvia is 112.

ARS on Skolas iela 5, is the best hospital for foreigners.

The Old Town of Riga has security cameras everywhere.

General Info

Higher education is not for free in Latvia.

For a price reference: A cheeseburger in McDonalds costs 1.20 euros. A 0.3L cola costs 1 euro.

It’s possible to get a flat in Riga near the centre for 250-350 euros, + 50-120 euros for utilities (depending on what kind of a flat) in Winter.

The temperature in winter in Riga is usually around -10. For a week or a bit more it might also drop to -25 on some occasions.

Riga is the capital of Wi-fi. You can find free wifi hot spots everywhere in the Old Town or around it!

Taxi Service

One of the cheapest taxi companies in Riga is Panda taxi. (Avg. prices for about a 15 minute 3-5 euros, depending on many things.)”
Order by phone: (+371)67000000, (+371)67600006

Other cheap taxi company is Eco Taxi.(Avg. prices for about a 15 minute 3-5 euros, depending on many things.)”
Order by phone: +371 27 006 006

Also very popular in Riga is “Taxify”, which is a similar taxi service to the widely known online service “Uber”. It allows you to call a cab via an app on your phone and then it withdraws money from your bank account for the trip. Keeps all records of called taxis.
Get the Taxify app on IOS App store or Google Play store!

Public Holidays

On Public Holidays many shops and institutions/museums can either be closed or they might have shorter working hours. Also on some public Holidays the public transportation can be used for free and it might have extended working hours after midnight. But, on public holidays the transportation is working by a Saturday/Sunday schedule.”

1st of January – New Year’s Day.
The Friday before Easter Sunday – Good Friday.
Last Sunday of March  – Easter Sunday.
Last Monday in March or First in April right after the Easter Sunday – Easter Monday.
1st of May – Labour Day.
4th of May – Restoration of Independence day.
Second Sunday of May- Mother’s day.
23rd of June – Midsummer Eve.
24th of June – Midsummer.
18th of November – Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia.
24th of December – Christmas Eve.
25th of December- Christmas Day.
26th of December – Boxing day Second Day of Christmas.
31st of December – New Year’s Eve.

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  1. Ilze says:

    There is no way utilities for whole apartment in winter are 70euros…

  2. Kimi says:

    Most flat near the center are more than 250 unless you get a room in a shared flat with 3 or more roommates.

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